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Home Computer Gaming systems are specifically designed to execute graphically intensive files on the computer. This is something that wouldnt be the same for a home computer system as a home computer system would have standard components. Networking computer environments and Home computer environments are something that you wouldn't really associate with each other as both have very different purposes for very different reasons. For example on a home computer you wouldn't need a network as you dont need to connect to various other devices and perform many different tasks like file sharing. Communication and Home computing can be easily associated with each other as whoever is using the home computer could be intending to use the computer to talk to their family friends, ergo communicating using the computer. Emailing and file sending is something that is also associated with Computer-mediated communication.
Business Business computers in are used for various tasks relating to business. Home computers can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Business computing environments and computer gaming environments are very different from each other. When business computing various different important tasks have to be tackled on the computer. However on gaming systems they are used to entertain the user. Within networking environments computer systems are used for networking purposes to allow the connection of multiple computers. Business computers could be a selection of computers that are all connected to a network, however networking computers can be used for all sorts of networking and business computers on the other hand are used for business related tasks only. There would be various different types of communication required within a business computing environment making these two computer environments very similar.
Computer Gaming Networking computing environments and computer gaming environments have various things in common. A prime example is in our modern day and age how computer games use networking systems to allow users to connect to each other online and play their computer games together. Real-time computing and computer gaming environments both have various different things in common. The most common thing that they both have in common with one another is the fact that there are especially coded games that render data dependent on certain variables, this is something that is rendering in real-time and is why the two environments can be associated. Communication computer systems have a lot in common with computer gaming systems nowadays and even networking as they all link together to create the modern experience of today as we know it called, 'Online Gaming'. This is where people are using networks to connect together and communicate ergo some-what defining it as a communication computer system.
Networking Communication systems and networking both have a very strong relation as networking is one of the systems that allow for computing communication systems to even exist.

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