Within your home more often than not computer systems would be used for things like emailing and social networking. In a home various different types of computer systems could be associated within your home. Personal Computers would be the computer systems that most often occur in households these days however in our day and age Mobile Computers are becoming increasingly popular.


Within businesses computers are used to overall grow the business as a whole. It's no mystery that computers nowadays are essential if you want to keep up with your business competitors. Within a business there may be various different types of computer systems that are used, the most important ones would be 'mini computers'. These computers would be used as workstations and each employee would receive their own personal workstation so they can compete their work in the most efficient way possible. Some businesses would buy mid-range server systems for their workplace or even large scale networking systems so that the employees of the company can have their workstations tightly-knit together, this would improve communication in the workplace overall increasing productivity.

Computer Gaming:

Computers can provide a wide variety of entertainment and one of which that computers are best known for is 'computer games', computers have access to a wide variety of computer games. If you were wanting a gaming computer for your home to play games on you would be running whats classified as 'graphically intensive' programs on your computer. Because of this, a GPU (graphics processing unit) its something external you would want to be investing in if you were planning on playing lots of computer games on your personal computer.


A wide selection of computer systems can be connected together through a large networking system, this system allows for users of the network to pass back and forth electronic communications. Networks are used in various different places in our day and age, from the workplace, to having fun with some friends at home.


Real-Time environments in computing is essentially where something that happens due to user input happens immediately. An example to support this would be objects moving in a computer generated animation if these objects were to be moving at the real speed as a human would move the object then this could be seen as real-time computing.


This type of environment for computer would primarily involve networking as this is what allows the communication of users connected to the network. For example facebook users are all communicating on a large scale networking system hosted by facebook, this is more often than not the same scenario for various other social networking systems.

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