Random Access Memory (RAM):

RAM is a type of memory in the computer of which stores the code to make 'executables' (.exe files) function correctly on a computer system. The code for the program and all information for the program created by the program is stored in here essentially because the memory storage is being 'randomly' accessed. The computer would call this random access purely because the user is controlling how much work the RAM is to be doing as they are the ones in control of the computer, the computer cannot interpret these actions made by a human with the given variables.

Read Only Memory (ROM):

ROM is a type of memory that cannot be changed by any program or user. ROM is able to keep its memory sustained which means that certain important bits of memory for a computer when starting up for example should be stored on as Read Only Memory.


This is something that is stores information to be sent to the CPU. Data is addressed into the Memory Address Register and from here the data is sent through the Memory Data Registers, it is right after this point the memory is sent to the CPU.


Programmable memory, also known as programmable read only memory (PROM) is something that differs from your normal Read only memory (ROM), this is because PROM is manufactured as blank memory when it is made allowed the running of programs to be present on this type of memory, ROM however is memory that is pre-programmed.


This is a part of the computer that stores information that is believed to help improve the running of your computer. A prime example of how cache storage is useful is for example someone who regularly visits a website, when visiting a website you are downloading files from a server onto your computer. Once visiting the website once, the information that loads the website is stored in a folder on the clients computer meaning that the next time the client loads the website the website is loaded in quick succession. Of course this sort of data is programmed to update if information on the server is changed, various problems such as this one have been encountered and solved as time goes on.

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