Printers, Plotters, Cameras, Scanners:

Printers are devices that when connected to your computer have the potential to print in physical form most commonly on paper the virtual data that is stored on your computer.

Plotters are a form of a printer, but do not print out visual data in a paper form yet in other forms to aid for tasks that cannot work with paper printed data. A good example where Plotters would be used is in Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Cameras are fairly straight forward, they are a device that takes photographs and stores them on the portable device. Cameras can be connected to a computer through a special cable that allows the user of the computer to get data from the camera (the images) and store them electronically on the computer. The possibilities are endless once the images from the camera are stored on a computer.

Scanners are a device when connected to a computer have the potential to scan into a computer physical information that is on paper. The scanner stores the image that is scanned into the scanner onto the computer system.

Keyboard and Mouse:

A keyboard is something used to enter letters/data into the computer. A QWERTY keyboard for example uses the standard keyboard layout for most English speaking countries. There are various other different types of keyboard for different types of data input some compared to language difference and some for unique symbol data entry.

A mouse is an input device for a computer system that allows a user to navigate throughout their computer systems with a mouse cursor allowing them more control over the functionality of their computer, this input device is only really useful when paired with a keyboard.

Monitors, Display Adapters:

This is something when connected into the motherboard/video card of a computer provides an output on the connected display of what is happening in the computer. This visual display is enhanced by graphical units in your computer are various instructions saying what is to be displayed on your monitor input for example and how it should be displayed.

Multimedia Devices:

This can include lots of devices that store various different types of data and can transfer various different types of data onto computer systems. Video recorders, cameras, mp3 players are all examples of devices that are tailored to specific files to be stored on them, all of which can be connected to a computer.

Storage Media:

There are various different types of storage media that you can get for your computer system. This would include lots of external storage methods such as external hard drives, memory sticks, and various other electronic portable devices.


Something that you can do with computers is connect them all to a network when they have the potential to do so with a network card which would have an input port most likely known as an ethernet port. You can connect a wide selection of computers close by together in something which is known as a Local Area Network (LAN) which allows for lots of potential in regards to data sharing if you want to share/transfer data in the fastest way current possible in our day and age.

Portable Devices:

There are many portable devices that can be connected to computer systems to transfer data back and forth between the portable device and the computer system itself. A good example of a selection of devices that can do this would be: ipods, mp3 players, many modern phones, portable computer games consoles and many different forms of video recorders/cameras.

Plug and Play Components:

The most common form of 'plug and play' components would be games console controls that are specifically made for computer system usage. The actions that the user makes when using this controller with the computer system act as a games controller on the computer attempting to mimic the triggering of functions dependent on the action as the game would on the games console.

Performance Factors:

When multiple devices are connected to your computer this can often trigger the automatic startup of software that is associated with the connected device. This is something that can slow down the running of your computer (decrease the performance).

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