High Performance Systems:

Supercomputers are very fast running and expensive computers that are often built for a specific reason behind the build. There are many mass organisations that need technical jobs to be done quickly, these tasks can be done by supercomputers. Supercomputers are not like mainframe computers because of this reasoning. Supercomputers are built to focus on one or maybe two specific tasks whereas mainframe computers are built to tackle multiple tasks.


Models of Supercomputers can vary in terms of what components are used in the computer. This is because Supercomputers are built for a specific purpose, these purposes can vary in terms of computer component usage, for example there may be a mass organisation that requires a super computer for graphically intensive usage, this system would be tailored towards that and have a high-end graphics card installed into the system.


Supercomputers have large amounts of processing so multiprocessing inside a supercomputer system is something that supercomputers mainly require. The processing inside of a Supercomputer can under-go some of the most extreme mathematical and scientifically calculations in just seconds, this is something that could potentially improve the running of mass organisations that own a supercomputer.

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